Fiber Distribution Frame (ODF) CO & SDF Room Indoor

The ODF is designed to be used to patch, splice optical fibers and accommodate optical splitters in a Central Office and SDF room in Multi-Dwelling Unit customer premises. At CO, the purpose is to provide interconnection between outside cables to Optical Equipment by using fibre patch cord. In SDF room, SDF functions as a demarcation point between Operator’s infrastructure and customer infrastructure.
This ODF is capable to access up to 12 pcs optical cable and 960 pcs of fiber patch cords, the internal structure is equipped splice tray to operate optical splice for optical fiber and PLC splitter installation, individual space for inlet and outlet fiber management and storage. This ODF is suitable to be installed in indoor environment.
  • Modular design and assemble for easy expansion up to 960 fiber terminations
  • Up to 10 splice/patch sub-racks per Frame
  • Up to 4 slots for pull-out type splice/patch per splice sub-rack
  • Up to 13 slots for PLC splitters per splitter sub-racks
  • 24 SC/UPC type connector per splice panel for fiber termination
  • The splice/patch and splitter sub-rack is made of mild steel and be protected against corrosion
  • Lockable-common-key front door and detachable
  • Double front door type with 450mm width of each side door
  • Front access design and enough clearance for easy access, installation, maintenance, inspection,testing, re-splicing and rearrangement.
  • With slide out work table in middle of rack
  • Life span for 30 years in indoor environment
  • Up to 12 ports of incoming fiber cables and up to 960 ports of patch cables
  • Bending radius protection
  • Separate space for in-coming and out-coming optical fiber management
  • Fiber storage and splices integrated on one tray
  • Splice/patch sub-rack
    • Modular design and be mounted on a standard 19” open rack
    • Splicing of the pigtails and external cables
    • Termination of pigtails and patch cords at patch panel
    • Flexibility connection
    • Front entry with cable guide


  • ODF Rack Outside dimension : 900 x 300 x 2200(WxDxH mm)
  • Splice Subrack dimension : 485×245×130 (WxDxHmm)
  • Splitter Subrack dimension : 485×245×183 (WxDxH mm)
  • Weight (full equipped with sub-racks kg) : < 100
  • Full Capacity per Frame : 960 ports
  • Full Capacity per Sub-rack : 96 ports
  • Max. number of Splice subracks : Up to 10 subracks
  • Max. number of Splitter subracks : Up to 8 subracks
  • Max. slots per subracks : 4
  • Max. splice capacity per tray : 24
  • Sealing type : Brush sealing for incoming Fiber cable entry and patch cords entry
  • Mild Steel for the frame body
  • Number of incoming Fiber cable port : 12 on top of rack with cable holder
  • Max. Diameter of distribution cable inlet (mm) : Ф25
  • Number of patch cord entries : 1
  • Area of patch cord entry (mm2) : 120 x 140 = 16,800 (for more than 960 pcs of 3mm diameter patch cords entry)
  • Material : Mild Steel for the frame body
  • Splice/Patch Sub-rack configuration and accessory :
    • Pull-out drawer type.
    • 4-slots for Splice trays
    • SC/UPC Connector Pigtail.
    • Patch panels with SC/UPC type adapters.
  • Splice Tray Configuration :
    • Cassette types with hinges
    • 24 splices per tray with 60mm SPS
    • Accommodate 3 meters of slack fibre per splice with >30mm bending radius
  • Splitter Subrack Configuration :
    • 13 slots inside subrack to accommodate Splitters
    • Accommodates up to 13 2:4 cassette type splitters or 3 2:32 splitters.
    • Build-in SC/UPC adapter on splitter faceplate.
  • Patch Panel Configuration :
    • 24 port per slot with SC/UPC adapter type.
    • Patch cord plug-in with 30 degree angle left-side.
  • Working temperature (°C) : -10 to +40 °C

Fiber Routing on Splice Tray Cassette type PLC splitter

  • The optical splitter adopt a single mode fibre type in accordance with ITU-T G.657A.
  • The optical wavelength during operation shall be in accordance with ITU-T G.983.1.
  • 1310nm – data/ voice upstream signal
  • 1490nm – data/ voice downstream signal
  • 1550nm – RF video signal
  • 1650nm – monitoring purpose and future network


Fiber Distribution Frame (ODF) CO & SDF Room Indoor
The ODF is designed to be used to patch, splice optical fibers and accommodate optical splitters in a Central Office and ...

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