TM series

Bringing Packet-optical networking to the next level

The TM-Series is a family of CWDM and DWDM carrier-class optical transport products that provide the transport of any service between 100Mb/s and 100Gb/s in multi-reach transport applications. Enabling cost efficient increase of metro network capacity, it uses CWDM/DWDM technology in an innovative way for the best transport network economics.

With multi dimensional scalability, the TM-Series products allow the CWDM/DWDM network to grow, both in size and functionality. Furthermore, the Integrated Ethernet capabilities in our Native Packet Optical approach provides cost efficient transport and enables affordable service differentiation in metro/access networks.

The TM-Series supports carrier-class infrastructure applications such as Mobile Backhaul net- works, CATV/MSO backhaul networks, Broadband Backhaul, Business Ethernet, SDH/SO- NET transport & capacity expansion and Gigabit Ethernet transport. The unparalleled modularity and scalability of the TM-Series enables cost efficient low entry deployments with the reassurance of economic capacity growth to match growing demand.

  • Intelligent WDM (iWDMTM) concept for innovative optical networking
  • Seamless mix of CWDM and DWDM on fiber pair or single-fiber configurations
  • Flexible use of pluggable optics and configurable hardware including ROADMs for low total cost of ownership
  • Efficient wavelength utilization via Layer 1 and Layer 2 aggregators
  • Low Power Design architecture - 80% energy savings compared to similar solutions. Com- pact solution and small footprint for better use of space and reduced impact on the environment
  • Industry leading Low Latency for latency critical applications such as algorithmic trading and video distribution
  • Multi dimensional scalability in areas such as distance (1-1500 km), number of wave- lengths (incremental steps up to 80 channels), services per wavelength, traffic formats, ca- pacity (on both CWDM or DWDM networks) and chassis options
  • Ethernet aggregation with Carrier Ethernet capabilities, prioritization, classification, band- width profiling etc
  • Ethernet aware optical transmission layer providing seamless integration with Ethernet switches and routers
  • One centralized and carrier-grade Network Management system for the entire metro net- work with sophisticated provisioning, fault management and performance monitoring
2.5G MXP8/II 8-client port STM-16/OC-48 Muxponder. STM-1/STM-4/OC-3/OC-12.
4G MS-MXP 8-client port, 4G Multi-Service Muxponder. Dual line interfaces for 1+1 protection.
SDH/SONET/GbE/SAN. 4x 4G Regenerator.
10G 9xGbE /10G MXP 9-client port 10G Muxponder. Gb, FE.
9xGbE/10G FEC MXP 9-client port 10G FEC Muxponder. GbE, FE. Dual line interfaces for 1+1 protection.
4x2G5-10G MXP 4-client port STM-64/OC-192 Muxponder. STM-16/OC-48. Optional FEC.
10G MS-MXP 10-client port Multi-Service Muxponder. SDH/SONET, Ethernet, SAN etc. Multiple traffi c
images. FEC on line. Dual line ports for 1+1 Line protection.

10-client port Multi-Service Muxponder. Fixed/tunable line port. SDH/SONET, Ethernet,
SAN etc. Multiple traffi c images. EFEC on line.

40G MS-MXP/40G 4-client port 40G Multi-Service Muxponder. 10G iWDM, STM-64/ OC-192, 10GbE WAN/LAN in
any mix.
100G MXP/100G 10-client port 100G Muxponder. STM-64/ OC-192, OTU2, OTU2e, 10GbE WAN/LAN in any mix.
TM-2000 mount.
Multi-Service Access MBA/2 Multi-Service Access Collector Node. 16xE1/T1 (RJ48C) + 4xFE/GbE optical (SFP) or electrical
MBH Multi-Service Hub unit. 4xSTM-1/OC-3 and 16x Ethernet client interfaces
2.5G TPQMR 4x Multi-Rate Transparent (125Mb/s-2.7Gb/s) Transponder and Regenerator.
  TPDDGBE 2x (2xGbE) Transponder. Dual line interfaces for 1+1 protection. 4x 2.5G Regenerator.
4G TPQMS Quad Multi-Service Transponder. 1G/2G/4G FC. 4x 4G Regenerator.
  TPQMP Quad Multi-Protocol (125Mb/s-4.25Gb/s) Transponder and Regenerator.
10G TPD10G-Lite Dual 10G Lite Transponder. 2G/4G/8G/10G FC, 10GbE, STM-64/OC-192, OTU2, OTU2e.
2x 10G Regenerator.
TPQ10GFEC Quad 10G Multi-Service Transponder. STM-64/OC-192, 10GbE-WAN, 10GbE-LAN. 2xRegenerator.
TPD10GBE Double 10GbE FEC Transponder. STM-64/OC-192, 10GbE-WAN, 10GbE-LAN. 2xRegenerator.
TP10G/TC-ER 10G Tunable EFEC Transponder Tunable C-band – Extended Reach. SDH/SONET/10GbE.
TP10GOTN 10G Tunable OTN Transponder. STM-64/OC-192, 10GbE-LAN/WAN, OTU2. OTU2/OTU2e line
interface (DWDM fi xed/tunable).
40G MS-TP/40G 40G Multi-Service Transponder. 40GbE-LAN, PoS, STM-256/OC-768.
100G TP100G 100G Transponder. OTU4, 100GbE-LAN. TM-2000 mount.
  EDU/5 4 port Gigabit Ethernet Demarcation Unit. MEF9 + MEF14 certifi ed. Multiple product
models available; see datasheet for details.
  EDU/10 2/4 port 10G Ethernet Demarcation Unit. MEF9 + MEF14 certifi ed. Multiple product models
available; see datasheet for details.

Ethernet Muxponder and switch. CE2.0 services E-LINE, E-LAN, E-TREE and E-ACCESS, MEF9 +
MEF14 certifi ed; MPLS-TP, Sync-E. Multiple product models available; see datasheet for details.

ROADM 1x2 ROADM 2-degree ROADM, 50/100GHz.
1x4 ROADM 4-degree ROADM, 100GHz.
1x8 ROADM 8-degree ROADM, 50GHz.
Amplifiers OAR450, OA26C Raman Amplifi er, Power Extender C-Band.
OA17, OA20 Several EDFA Amplifi er models available with diff erent gain characteristics.
VOA units VOA-8CH, VOA-2CH 8ch (using VOA-SFP) and 2ch Variable Optical Attenuators.
MuxDemux MDU16, MDU8, MDU40 Several colored models available. One 16ch colorless version.
Power Meter OCM/2P 2-port DWDM Optical Channel Monitoring unit.

Fiber-pair: 80ch @ 50GHz spacing & 40/32ch @ 100GHz spacing. Single-fi ber: 20ch @ 100GHz
spacing (unamplifi ed) & 16ch @ 200GHz spacing (amplifi ed).

CWDM   Fiber-pair: 8ch (1470 – 1610nm). Single-fi ber: 8ch (1270 – 1610nm).
TM-3000 19”, ETSI, 23” 10U, Up to 17 full-sized slots / 10 half-sized slots.
TM-301 19”, ETSI, 23” 3 U, Up to 4 full-sized slots / 4 half-sized slots.
TM-101/102 19”, ETSI, 23” 1 U, 1 full-sized slot + 1 half-sized slot.
TM-2000 19”, ETSI, 23” 4U, 2 slot. High speed chassis for 100G traffi c units.