GPON Optical Network Terminal for Mission-critical Service Providers

The OAN-102 aggregates traffic from 2x100/1000Mbps Ethernet interfaces into a gigabit PON interface that connect to the OLT. It is an in-premises gateway device that provides high performance access services delivered over a PON link connect- ed to the OLT which plays a role of the GPON concentrator.

The OAN-102 can be used to deliver QoS-guaranteed services to FTTH subscribers over single fiber core, resulting in reducing capital expenditure and operating expenditure. With the OAN-102, service providers set service level agreement options securing precise QoS performance parameters.

The OAN-102 is an intelligent demarcation device that delivers always on, high-speed internet data and video services to subscribers through a compact box that simplifies and reduces the cost of major access applications.

The OAN-102 secures a migration path to broadband convergence network terminal for end-to-end Ethernet access. Robust and open web-based management system provides easily the capabilities necessary for operation, administration, mainte- nance and provisioning.

  • FTTH gateway for single home and MTU/MDU users
  • Value-added service provisioning options
  • User-friendly management interface
  • 2 LAN ports enabling to secure quality of services for various applications like IPTV, VoIP, etc.
  • Robust performance as utilizing Ethernet OAM for link monitoring, loopback and fault indication with SNMP.
  • Secure network capabilities for protect various attacks through networks.

    Mechanical Structure and Dimension

  • Desk-Top Box : 135mm(W) x 135(D)mm x 25mm(H)

  • User Interfaces

  • LAN Port : 2 x RJ45 (100/1000Base-Tx )

  • GPON ONT Functions

  • ITU-T G.984 compliant
  • Wavelength : Up(1310nm)/Down(1490nm)
  • Splitting Ratio : Max 1:64
  • System Range : Max 20Km
  • Security, Encryption
  • Ranging, Flexible DBA
  • Reach up to 20Km
  • L2 Based QoS processor Embedded
  • Dying Gasp H/W Support
  • IEEE802.3ah MPCP
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow control
  • IEEE 802.3p(128KB Queuing with 8 classes)
  • IEEE 802.3q(VLAN)

    Power Consumption

  • 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz, DC 12V/2A

  • MTBF

  • Temperature : 0oC ~ +50oC, Max. 10~80% Humidity