Universal Access Gateway System

Keeping with the current trend of full integration to IP-Based NGN/IMS Network, OPNET Technologies presents the high density, high capacity NGN/IMS Voice Gateway system, UVG-1000 with shelf models. All those MSA/MSB/MSD/MSG shelf models are member of UVG-1000 Voice Gateway product series. They can be configured to deploy a wide range of services, such as FXS, Payphone, FAX, Voice Base Data (VBD) and IP Centrex, to subscribers over a copper wire-line network infrastructure. UVG-1000 also supports ISDN PRA(E1/T1) Services to enterprise customers.

The UVG-1000 system shelves are equipped with non-blocking backplane, 2 Giga-bits link bandwidth per service slot, failover-enabled for Central Process Unit (CPUC), dual power inputs and various high port density multi-purpose line cards. With comprehensive IP-centric firmware features, the UVG-1000 is high-density, high-capacity system that facilitates Telecom Operators to deliver high-quality residential or business user services, satisfying its current and future infrastructural requirements of reliability, flexibility and scalability.

  • The EMS allows multiple administrative accounts with 3-level access privileges. Accounts with the first-level privilege have full access to all management objects. Second-level accounts have similar access rights except creating new administrative accounts, while the third-level accounts are granted read-only access rights to the management objects. The EMS also provides view-based management that partial objects can be defined and accessed for customization and security reasons. In addition, Cluster Management enables multiple UVG-1000 systems administration with single/master IP address, northbound interface is optional equipped in EMS to interoperate with external OSS systems.

Main Feature

  • Comply with standardized ITU-T H.248v2 IP-based control protocols
  • Support voice codec: G.711, G.723, G.726 or G.729
  • Echo-cancellation mechanism
  • Voice Activation Detection (VAD)
  • Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
  • T.38, T.30 Fax over IP functionality
  • Voice Base Data Transmission
  • Optional V5.2 uplink E1 interface
  • Optional ISDN PRA (T1/E1) and DID

Network Management and Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Network Management Features: CM, PM, FM, SM and Inventory
  • Management for overall Access Network
  • Integrate Line Testing Features for easy maintenance
  • Scalable Management Capacity for Different size of Access Network
  • User Friendly Interface for easy operation

Telephony Service

    Uplink Interface

  • Gigabit Ethernet Optical, 1000Base-SX, LX, LH, ZX, SFP Module Type
  • Gigabit Ethernet Electrical, 100/1000Base-T, RJ-45

  • Common Units

  • CPUC: Central Process Unit, System Control and Traffic Uplink
  • MGUM: Media Gateway Unit, VoIP Protocol (H.248) Process Unit

  • Subscriber Line Card Connection

  • 50-pin RJ-21 connector, 24 line ports per connector

  • Management Interfaces

  • 1 x RS-232 DB-9 console port
  • 1 x FE RJ-45 EMS outband management
  • 2 x RJ-45 Alarm contacts I/O

  • Operating Environment

  • Operating conditions: -10 to 60°C(14 to 149°F)

  • Non-Operating conditions: -10 to 85°C( 14 to 185 °F )
  • Relative Humidity: 5% to 95 %
  • Storage Humidity: 5% to 95 %
  • Regulatory Safety Compliance
    • EMC: CE: EN550221 class A & EN300386 V1.3.2
    • Safety: EN60950-1
    • MTBF: 55,000 hours

Operating Environment

  • MSA Chassis Dimensions (w/d/h)
    • 486*340*477 mm, 13U
    • 2 CPUC slots, 2 MGUM slots, 15 Service Slots
    • Weight: 18kg (Net); 40kg (Full equipped)
    • Maximum Capacity: 1080 lines
  • MSB Chassis Dimensions (w/d/h)
    • 482*340*332 mm, 7.5U
    • 2 CPUC slots, 2 MGUM slots, 8 Service Slots
    • Weight: 15kg (Net); 25kg (Full equipped)
    • Maximum Capacity: 576 lines
  • MSD Chassis Dimensions (w/d/h)
    • 487*314*220 mm, 5U
    • 1 CPUC slots, 1 MGUM slots, 6 Service Slots
    • Weight: 9.5kg (Net); 23kg (Full equipped)
    • Maximum Capacity: 432 lines
  • MSG Chassis Dimensions (w/d/h)
    • 487*314*135 mm, 3U
    • 1 CPUC slots, 1 MGUM slots, 4 Service Slots
    • Weight: 6kg (Net); 20kg (Full equipped)
    • Maximum Capacity: 288 lines
  • Power Requirement
    • DC: -42V ~ -56V DC
    • Optional AC in MSG shelf : 90VAC ~ 240VAC
  • Power Consumption
    • MSA shelf: < 1050 Watts (Full equipped with half of lines off-hook)
    • MSB shelf: < 600 Watts (Full equipped with half of lines off-hook)
    • MSD shelf: < 450 Watts (Full equipped with half of lines off-hook)
    • MSG shelf: < 250 Watts (Full equipped with half of lines off-hook)

MSA Chassis

  • 11U with Giga Backplane
  • 4GE combo uplink
  • 15 universal slots
  • Control Unit / MGU redundancy
  • Distribution DC Power with Dual Power Input

MSB Chassis

  • 7.5U with Giga Backplane
  • 4GE combo uplink
  • 8 universal slots
  • Control Unit / MGU redundancy
  • Distribution DC Power with Dual Power Input

MSG Chassis

  • 3U with Giga Backplane
  • 4GE combo uplink
  • 4 universal slots
  • Distribution DC Power
  • AC Power (option)

Item Name
Common Units
CPUC Central Process Unit (Type C)
CPUM2 Central Process Unit (Type M)
MGUM Media Gateway Unit (Type M)
MGUC Media Gateway Unit (Type C)
Service Channel Units
RI-POTS2 48-port POTS Line Unit
RI-POTS2A 72-port POTS Line Unit
RI-POTSC 48-port FXS POTS line unit, with built-in VoIP DSP
RI-POTSCA 72-port FXS POTS line unit, with built-in VoIP DSP
ATU-C 24-port ADSL/2/2+ line unit
ATU-CS 48-port ADSL/2/2+ line unit with built-in splitter
VTU-A 24-port VDSL2 line unit
VTU-CS 24-port VDSL2 line unit, with built-in splitter
Item Name
Data Channel Units

2-port G.SHDSL Unit (Ethernet Interface)

N64-GS8 8-port G.SHDSL Unit (Ethernet Interface)
PRI-12 12-port ISDN Primary Rate Interface
PRI-12S 12-port ISDN PRI VoIP(SIP) Unit
ISDN-24 24-port ISDN BRI Channel Unit
ISDN-32 32-port ISDN BRI Channel Unit
ETH2 Fast Ethernet (Optical/Electrical) line unit
V5M4 4-port E1 V5.2 Unit
V5M8 8-port E1 V5.2 Unit
TDMoP4/8/12 4/8/12 -port E1
Functional Units
GPT 4-ports ITU-T Gigabit Passive optical network OLT unit