OPNET Technologies, Co., awarded the carrier class VoIP Gateway Tender from CHT again

In 2021 OPNET Technologies, Co., Ltd. has earned recognition for its exceptional reliability and performance by winning the VoIP Gateway tender from Taiwan Northern Telecom Branch and Southern Telecom Branch of the CHT (Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s largest ILEC). OPNET was tasked with helping deliver CHT the NGN-CN (Next Generation Networks-core network) by installing SVG (SIP-based VoIP Gateway) equipment throughout Taiwan to serve more than seven-hundred thousand lines.
OPNET plays a significant role in assisting CHT to delivery, installation and configuration in Taiwan. This demonstrates OPNET's strong capabilities of VOIP integration. With recent sales achievement, OPNET has built a strong partnership with CHT based on exceptional reliability and performance. OPNET will keep close cooperation with CHT to provide the highest quality product and superb technical support.